Why a PC?

Top Ten Reasons Why You Might Need a Personal Chef

  1. The local pizza place has started sending you holiday and birthday cards.
  2. You're having trouble pairing wines with your Lean Cuisine entrees.
  3. Your best knife is also a screwdriver and letter opener.
  4. The drive-thru employees at the neighborhood fast food place know you by name.
  5. It's been so long since you turned on the oven, you need to refer to the user’s manual.
  6. The kids no longer fall for the "pancakes are a perfectly good dinner" speech.
  7. Chips, salsa and a half pint of ice cream only account for 3 food groups.
  8. The vegetable crisper smells like a swamp.
  9. The kitchen drawers are bursting at the seams with take-out menus, chopsticks, and soy sauce packets.And the number one reason why you might need a Personal Chef...
  10. You've been watching "Kitchen Nightmares" with Chef Gordon Ramsey.

If any of these apply to you, it may be time to consider a personal chef. Having someone do your menu planning, shopping, and cooking will leave hours free for other things, like spending time with your family, running your business, or getting to the gym regularly. A personal chef can also make it easier for you to stick to a new diet, or broaden your horizons when it comes to new tastes and ingredients…………and it’s affordable!

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Catering your special event is a privilege. Feed your dreams and let us do all the work. Our only limit is your imagination. From Birthdays, Anniversaries, Barbecue (BBQ) and Paella Party Event to just a great evening with friends and family Chef Bart and his staff fills every occasion with great food and service.

Escape from the typical and call A Culinary Mind today….. The Recipe For Extraordinary Events!!

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Dinner Parties

A Culinary Mind Personal Chef Services can cater dinner parties of all kinds for all occasions to suit your needs. If you want your next dinner party to be truly spectacular, let Chef Bart Dorfman work as Birthday Party Chef Long Island with you to create an unforgettable dining experience.

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Leonard & Jeannie Korman

This letter should serve as a letter of recommendation for Chef Bart as a personal/private chef in Hamptons. Chef Bart worked as our personal chef for approximately six (6) years from October 2001 through December 2007.

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Chef Bart is a proud member of American Pesonal & Private Chef Association | APPCA
Chef Bart is a proud member of American Pesonal & Private Chef Association