At A Culinary Mind, the menu that I plan for you is all about you. There are no generic menus that are used for all clients because every client is a unique individual and deserves to be treated as such. I will learn what type of menu you want to have and then I will cook it for you. If you aren't sure about what you would like, then you can tell me what flavors you find pleasing, and I can help you to plan the perfect menu from there.

To give you just a small idea of the culinary range that I posses, know that I have training and knowledge of cuisine that includes Classic and Contemporary Italian, French, Bold American, Seafood and Asian. Whatever you might desire, I can prepare it for you. You may want a variety of cuisines, or you may like to stick to a few familiar dishes. Whichever you are after, I will happily cook it for you.

Of course, I prepare meals with an emphasis on taste, but I also strive to make sure that every meal is nutritious, as well. I make the most of fresh ingredients, all organic as well if requested to help make every meal the height of both nutrition and flavor. Nutrition and exquisite flavor can go hand in hand, and with the foods that I prepare, they always do.

By taking advantage of whatever ingredients are in season, I can ensure that every meal is full of flavor. This is simply one more way that I strive to make every meal a masterpiece, even if that meal is a traditional meatloaf. I can also create menus around any special dietary requirements that you might have whether they come directly from a nutritionist or from some other source. Special dietary needs should be the beginning of a culinary adventure, not the end of one. Chef Bart can easily accommodate these special dietary needs while still providing tasty meals of all kinds. No one with special dietary needs should be forced to sacrifice the joy that comes with eating great food.

This will not be my menu. It will be yours. Your personal menu will be created to your specifications, your palate, and your satisfaction. That is what A Culinary Mind is all about.

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Catering your special event is a privilege. Feed your dreams and let us do all the work. Our only limit is your imagination. From Birthdays, Anniversaries, Barbecue (BBQ) and Paella Party Event to just a great evening with friends and family Chef Bart and his staff fills every occasion with great food and service.

Escape from the typical and call A Culinary Mind today….. The Recipe For Extraordinary Events!!

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A Culinary Mind Personal Chef Services can cater dinner parties of all kinds for all occasions to suit your needs. If you want your next dinner party to be truly spectacular, let Chef Bart Dorfman work as Birthday Party Chef Long Island with you to create an unforgettable dining experience.

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Leonard & Jeannie Korman

This letter should serve as a letter of recommendation for Chef Bart as a personal/private chef in Hamptons. Chef Bart worked as our personal chef for approximately six (6) years from October 2001 through December 2007.

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Chef Bart is a proud member of American Pesonal & Private Chef Association | APPCA
Chef Bart is a proud member of American Pesonal & Private Chef Association