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50th Birthday Dinner Party...Awesome!

After doing some research I decided to hire Chef Bart for my wife Lisa’s 50th dinner party. He answered my call immediately and sent me an email with some of his dinner suggestions.

Chef Bart was extremely easy to work with and was a big help in deciding the final menu.

We started with Mini Crab Cakes, Asian Tuna Tartare & Eggplant Caponata appetizers. This was followed by Beef Wellington & Sea Bass Florentine for the Main Course. For dessert we went with the Home Made Tiramisu & Strawberries with Sweet Cream & Red Wine Sauce.

Everything was absolutely delicious from start to finish and a great time was had by all! Chef Bart was very personable and was happy to answer any questions in regards to the food and how it was prepared.

After everyone was served dessert and the kitchen was clean, Chef Bart said goodnight and left to a well-deserved round of applause!

What a great way to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday with family & friends!

Thanks again for an incredible experience! We look forward to having you with us for future special occasions.

Jim & Lisa O’Connor
Massapequa . NY


Personal Chef Extraordinaire!

Chef Bart presented an incredible evening for us!! As we hosted a bachelorette/dinner party weekend on Long Island in the Hamptons and our night in with Bart was one to be remembered. He was fun, relaxed, and most importantly, the food was INCREDIBLE! From the beginning he was a pleasure to work with; he took our allergens and preferences and created a spectacular meal. He was prompt, friendly, and left the kitchen spotless. I highly recommend Chef Bart and thank him for a beautiful evening with friends that will be cherished for years.

Thank you so much Chef Bart for a wonderful evening. Everything was perfect and we really appreciate all you did to prepare and create an amazing meal. We were all talking about it for days.

Traci Blaze
Tampa, Florida


Chef Bart,

After speaking with several chefs about booking a chef for my friends 40th birthday dinner, I knew Chef Bart was going to be perfect. He was so down to earth and easy to talk to. He was concerned about our wants and willing to do whatever we wanted, instead of sticking to a set menu.

I spoke to Chef Bart several times before the event. He was readily available to answer questions both by e-mail and phone. He worked with me to set up a menu for the night. He again was always concerned about what we wanted and not what he wanted. When I asked for suggestions, he did provide them but made sure we understood it was up to us. He never pressured me once in creating a menu that would be easy for him to do or what he thought was best.

Chef Bart arrived on time to cook the meal. We rented a house in South Hampton and he was prepared for anything that could come his way that night. Let's just say that renting a house means that you do not always get what you signed up for. At the beginning of the night, the propane tank emptied. The house was filled with a gas stench. The oven and the stove were broken. Chef Bart never panics. He actually helped us stay calm and laughed with us. While we waiting for the South Hampton fire department to come, Chef Bart was determined to prepare/cook our meal and make this a fun evening.

Chef Bart remained professional and cooked our whole meal on the BBQ. His food was phenomenal! As we sat at the table and laughed about the night and all that had happened, Chef Bart served course after course of food that was heavenly. The macadamia pesto bruschetta was unreal. The chimichurri sauce for the skirt steak was nothing like we ever tasted. The mahi mahi for the fish tacos were so fresh and delicious. Of course let’s forget the crowd stopper dessert, Crème Brulee which was fit for kings and queens!

I am looking forward to the next event where Chef Bart will be coming to cook for me. Days after the dinner, we are still talking about how much we LOVE Chef Bart and his food.

Thank you so much for an incredible dinner party.You remained so professional during the whole night. Your food was outrageous. Actually for many of us we even ate leftovers for breakfast!

Heather Ferrizz-Zwillick


Chef Bart,

Thank you for everything.The dinner party was a huge success and my mom is still beaming from it. The food was delicious and my family had an incredible time. Your staff was fantastic, friendly and everybody really enjoyed the evening. We planned on having 18-25 guests at my sister’s house on Long Island. We discussed catering food in; I did a lot of research online and reached out to a few people via their website. Chef Bart was the first to reply. He and I had a great discussion where I described our vision, he gave his thoughts, talked me through his previous experiences, and we outlined a plan. After looking at the extensive menu options, my siblings and I picked a few choices and ran them by Chef Bart. He made suggested changes and advised us on complimentary options.

My family loved the food! They raved about the food and kept asking me where I found Chef Bart. A few people asked for his business card. The food and the sauces were all perfect. Everybody enjoyed the meals and asked Chef Bart questions about the ingredients, which he gladly answered. After each course completed Chef Bart and his two assistants cleared the plates, washed the dishes, and put the garbage away. They ensured the kitchen area was kept clean and organized. When it was time to leave, we had leftovers packed up in the fridge and the kitchen was cleaner than when we started the night. I could not have been more pleased with our experience with Chef Bart.

Thank you again. I highly recommend Chef Bart for all your dinner parties and catered events!!

Gregg Terris


Chef Bart,

The idea of having an in home 60th birthday party for my wife, with our family and a few of our wonderful friends, was exciting and daunting.....our plan was to have about 20 people for a sit down dinner with a great chef.....where to begin was the question.

After a search online, finding you through your website, and speaking with you, the process began. You worked with us to choose a menu that was amazing! We requested from set up to clean up, you would have a team to handle it all....

And indeed, you and your team exceeded every expectation!! Great food, from the seafood salad, to your sweet potatoes and banana dish, the steak, the salmon, all presented in a fun and beautiful way, with great service from start to finish.

All handled professionally and with care. We even had plenty of leftovers, as you predicted we would, which was fun to have and share with our family and friends.

Thank you for helping make our evening so special....we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Steve & Florence Roffman


"Dinner Party Perfection"

Each year we have a Christmas party with our closest friends and family, usually about 18-20 people. Each couple takes turns hosting the event and this year was our turn. After experiencing a variety of different dinner party styles and ideas from our friends, we decided to do something different. Rather than slaving in the kitchen all day and working during the entire party or placing a catering order and setting up yet another buffet holiday dinner, we hired Chef Bart!

After searching all over, I stumbled upon his website. I reached out to him and within less than an hour, he had called me. This was a great start! I explained what type of event we were having and Chef made some very helpful suggestions on menu as well as how he would like to serve. Quickly we were able to finalize the menu and the details. We were ready for the party and our minds were at ease knowing we wouldn't have to lift a finger. A spectacular feeling!

Upon arrival at our home, Chef Bart was well dressed, organized and determined. He took over my kitchen and transformed it into his own professional workshop. He Brought all his own equipment and needed nothing from us. He worked quick clean and ultra neat.

Now to the cuisine. Everything Chef Bart Served that night was something right out of a 5-star restaurant. From the appetizers to salad, main courses and dessert everything was cooked to perfection and tasted delicious. Chef Bart explained and described each course as they were served. The explainations was good for knowledge and also added some entertainment value to our party. Everyone raved about the experience and the food. We were the envy of our friends that night.

In summation, Chef Bart was extremely knowledgeable and well trained. From the moment we first spoke to the completion of our dinner party, Chef Bart was Ultra Professional and provided a Incredible Dinner Party Evening for our guests and I.

His food was beyond excellent and the experience was A+ Level. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Thank You Chef!

Justin Walsh
Seaford, NY


Alexandra Cassar

Chef Bart,

Thank you for an incredibly memorable evening. I loved being able to customize the menu together, the food was delicious, your presentations stunning and your fun presence made it a very special evening. Our guest of honor/ bachelorette was very happy and we can't thank you enough for your services.

Thank you again for a phenomenal evening!

Alexandra Cassar


Kira Blaustein

Chef Bart,

What a fantastic dinner party! You are incredibly talented!! Your food was scrumptious and perfectly cooked and some how you were able to do this while meeting my dietary restrictions.

Days later our guests are still talking about our dinner party with a huge smile on their face, which brings a even bigger smile to ours.

Thanks Bart! It was a wonderful night for me and thanks for making it a memorable one for everyone as well!!

All the best,

Kira Blaustein


Jill & Scott Silver

Chef Bart was amazing!!!! We hired him for my 10 year Anniversary dinner party. Everyone could not get over the presentation but most of all.... the food!!!! The food was amazing, everyone was ecstatic and of course stuffed!. Now I am very spoiled because if I could have him cook for me everyday, believe me I would!!!!

Thanks Chef Bart, you really made my 10 Year Anniversary one that I will always remember!!!!!!!


Jill & Scott Silver


Ali Brousell

Chef Bart,

Thank you so much for your fantastic chef services and a delicious meal to kick-off an awesome bachelorette party weekend for a very dear friend. We couldn't stop talking about the amazing evening. The four-course meal was ​incredible​,​ ​your ​presentations beautiful​, and your company was most welcome. Thank you for sharing your love of food, cooking, shopping local, and for preparing a memorable meal that we are still talking about days later.

All the best,

Ali Brousell


Natasha & Morton WelchM

Chef Bart,

We just wanted to thank you for making our Christmas Extra Special and Memorable. The food was awesome or as we ladies say "to die for". From the initial contact with you to menu planning and dinner presentation everything was fantastic.

We and our guests (some very tough critics) were very impressed and pleased. It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks again for spending the holiday's with us.​

Natasha & Morton Welch


Anthony and Fran Avena

Chef Bart,

Thank you for a great evening which was enjoyed by all to rave reviews. The food and presentation were wonderful, and your explanations of each dish was great. The night was a incredible culinary experience and you far exceeded our expectation.

Your professionalism and talent was much appreciated, and we cannot wait to see you again. If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to give out our email.

Anthony and Fran Avena


Gerry and Jane McDermott

Chef Bart-

I just wanted to write and thank you for an amazing and memorable birthday dinner for my mother-in-law. It was such an unforgettable and incredible experience for her and our family. It is very hard to have someone come into your home during such an intimate occasion, but you made it so easy for us to welcome you and feel comfortable having you there, listening to our stories, cheering on the Mets and actually being a part of her 70th birthday celebration. Besides being an amazing chef, you are a great guy and we thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end. I have spread the word and I will probably be seeing you either in my kitchen or someone else’s in the near future and will be looking forward to it!

Let us know when you open your restaurant…we will definitely be there!!


Gerry and Jane McDermott
Huntington Station, NY


Stef & Angelo Piazza

Dear Chef Bart,

We wanted to extend our most sincere thanks for delivering the most exceptional experience of having our very own chef for the night to celebrate Angelo’s birthday!!

We appreciate your taking the time many late nights to speak with us and help us select the menu with our crazy work schedules.The night was filled with love and lifetime friendships and you made it even more special!! We enjoyed you very much and were so impressed with every little detail.

You were amazing! The food was so delicious! Everyone is still talking about the evening! Every dish was perfectly timed and looked incredible. Our palettes were spoiled for sure!! The best part was meeting you and learning all about you! You delivered on your promise to exceed our expectations and make the night one that we would never forget!!!

We were lucky enough to even have some leftovers and enjoyed them immensely!! The lamb chops were mouth watering and truly a fan favorite! All the hor’dourves were amazing!!! The chicken was my personal favorite!! The entrees were prepared to perfection and we loved the special effect of how you cooked the steaks!!!!

We absolutely will recommend you for anyone’s party ideas and we look forward to having you at future parties for years to come!! I know that everyone truly enjoyed you and the beautiful meals you prepared!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this special birthday a memory to last forever!!

We are happy to speak with anyone if you ever need a recommendation!

Kindest regards always,

Stef & Angelo Piazza
June 2015


Pam Dederer

Hi Chef Bart,

I wanted to thank you so much for making our first dinner party in our new home so incredible. You managed to impress a crowd of foodies who are not easily impressed! I so appreciate your patience and help in preparing the perfect menu. Everything tasted amazing and was cooked perfectly!

My friends are still raving about the meal days later! We enjoyed having you in our home and getting to know you. We will happily recommend you to all of our friends and we definitely look forward to having you back for our next party.

Best wishes,

Pam Dederer
June 2015


John Beauchat

Our friends and family were the fortunate recipients of Chef Bart's exceptional talents on our Anniversary July 11. The menu options were out of this world and made for some tough decisions. We were finally able to narrow it down to Grilled Stuffed Jalapeno Chile's w/Red Pepper Sauce, Spinach Strawberry Pecan Salad with Chef Bart's own Strawberry Dressing which was fabulous! The main was Beef Wellington, off the hook delicious with Grilled Vegetables and a Romesco sauce. Desert was the Fruit Salad w/Cannoli Cream also fantastic.

The overall experience was an unparalleled success. The service was superb and Chef Bart took time to explain all the courses and ingredients involved. Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Thanks Chef Bart for a very memorable evening!

John Beauchat


Michelle Schwartz

Dear Chef Bart:

I want to truly thank-you for a wonderful evening, and a surprise it was! What a fabulous idea my family had to have you cook a gourmet dinner for us at our home for my birthday. The menu could not have been more decadent; from the avocados stuffed with lump crab meat with a lemon wedge to the seared tilapia with beurre blanc sauce and broccoli rabe with raisins and pine nuts. Not to forget the overwhelming tray of your 5 star tiramisu. I have never seen my family lick their plates clean as they did Friday evening! In fact on Saturday there was even a fight over who was going to get to eat left-overs. Usually it is the opposite in our house, they fight over who will NOT eat left-overs! Need-less-to-say Chef Bart, you left quite an impression and our pallets and stomachs quite satisfied. We cannot wait to taste the Crème Brûlée. Danielle said that she’s not going to share!

All the best to you,

Michelle Schwartz
February 21, 2014


Alli Prestifilippo

Chef Bart,

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal last night and to say you exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. From our first contact on the phone to the best tiramisu we've ever had, you were the consummate professional. Most of the leftovers were consumed throughout the day today (there was some tiramisu for breakfast!), and we couldn't stop talking about what a great experience the night was. To have my daughter sit and watch you at work were priceless, thank you for your patience and time with her, she loved it. Chef Bart's meal was the highlight of a weekend away with our closest friends. We wish we didn't have dinner plans this Friday, as we'd love to have you come back! We will definitely be in touch next year!!

Thanks again!

Alli Prestifilippo


Ellen and Ira Kallem 

Hi Bart,

We just wanted tell you how pleased we were with our surprise anniversary dinner for two.  You did a fantastic job -- very well organized, and the food was delicious.  It's especially noteworthy that you were able to prepare a meal fit for a king (and queen) and as we requested gluten free too!. The crab cakes and shrimp were outstanding, The Greek salad tower was beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat. The lamb chops were exquisite and the lobster was mouth-watering. Just when we thought we could not eat another bite you presented us with us with an outrageous Bananas Foster dessert!

All this from a delightful and personable chef!

Thanks for making it a memorable and special celebration.

Ellen and Ira Kallem 


Scott Cohn

Chef Bart was a real pro, and gentlemen to boot.  Having him in our kitchen was a real pleasure – he was creative, friendly, accommodating, interesting - an all-around enjoyable guy.  He worked with me to design the perfect menu, and his execution exceeded our expectations.  We had eggplant caponata that was the best I’ve ever had, followed by surf and turf with wild mushrooms and honey sweet potatoes.  We finished with crème brulee that was delicious.  He worked quietly, cleanly, and left the kitchen spotless.  All in all a wonderful evening and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a fine restaurant-quality meal prepared in the comfort of your own home.  

Scott Cohn | Night Agency
Managing Partner


Drew & Susan Fine

We’ve known Bart as a friend for well over 20 years, but we never availed ourselves of his culinary services until this summer when we hired him to feed our 16-year old son’s high school basketball team four (!) meals a day for a week at our summer place in the Hamptons.  The great majority of these teenage “boys” were over 6’ 4” and geez, could they eat!...and eat!….and EAT!  To complicate matters, one 6’ 5” man-child, naturally the one with the biggest appetite, had special dietary needs.  To say that Bart not only met this daunting challenge, but far exceeded our demanding expectations grossly understates the extraordinary job he did.  If you asked each boy what the absolute highlight of the fun filled, activity laden week was, he would say, hands down, that it was the consistently delicious food.   Every meal was a feast for the eyes, nose and taste buds. 

Once word got out that our house was serving such amazing fare, parents, coaches and spouses wanted to stop by for a meal or two.  It became open house resulting in very little notice as to how many would be joining us for any given meal….maybe just 10, but more likely 15….perhaps 20.  We never knew until they showed up!  Throughout the week Bart handled this unpredictability with ease and aplomb, always maintaining his cheerful, positive demeanor.  Like a super Energizer Bunny, he just kept going and going and going…From sunrise to well past sunset, he was always on the move, planning, collaborating with us, researching various flavor combinations, shopping, negotiating with vendors, prepping, cooking, cleaning…  He had to be exhausted as the week wore on, but it never showed.  Not only did he exude wonderful energy, but he was a great role model and friend to the boys and an engaging presence for all….just a pleasure to have in our home.

And the food was just fantastic (I mean really superb) from (1) an elegant “surf and turf” dinner (grilled lamb chops, cedar plank salmon, vegetable cous with fresh green beans, all with delicious “taste twists”) to (2) a traditional seafood feast (mussels in white wine and garlic broth, lobsters, grilled corn, roasted potatoes) to (3) awesome breakfasts of made-to-order omelets, waffles, pancakes, with bacon and grilled sausages served with fresh farm stand fruit to (4) the best lasagna you’ve ever savored to (5) spicy tacos made from leftover grilled burgers.  It was hard to believe that all of these incredible meals came from the efforts of just one person cooking with our substandard appliances.   Every dish, whether elaborate or “simple”, was so, so very tasty.  From cheeseburgers to top cut beef filets, our guests often praised whatever food they were eating as “the best one” they ever had. 

If you are looking for a people pleasing culinary experience like no other, with a definite “wow” factor, then Bart is definitely your man!  Thanks to him, our “basketball week in the Hamptons” was a rousing success and will forever be a special memory for all in attendance.  We’d hire Bart again in a heartbeat.  In fact, we’ve no doubt we will.  Our son’s also on his high school’s track team….


Nicole Barone

No words will ever be able to explain the incredible experience we had with Chef Bart. My brother and I engaged Chef Bart to help us surprise our parents for their 30th anniversary with a dinner for 6 and it went off without a hitch.

Planning with Chef Bart was such a pleasure – nothing was a problem! When we were unsure of what we wanted for our menu, he sent over suggestions. He also made it very clear that we did not have to stick to exactly what was on the list, we could modify things as we wanted and we did take advantage of this. He was available to discuss whenever needed and was not at all pushy while we were deciding whether or not to book.

The portions of meals were perfect!! We never felt slighted on the amount of food that was provided The presentation was beautiful and the food was so delicious. Everything that was prepared exceeding our expectations. It was absolutely spectacular. All the food was cooked perfectly and full of flavor.

I would recommend Chef Bart in an instant. I took a risk, having found him online and knowing no one personally that used him before but this risk paid off! I cannot wait for another opportunity to use him and I'm sure my parents will be using him as well. Our parents have told everyone about their experience with Chef Bart. This was the perfect gift to give for someone or even for yourself for a special occasion!

Thank you Chef Bart for making this the anniversary celebration they will remember forever!

Nicole Barone


Blair Griesmeyer

Just a quick note to thank you for preparing such a wonderful dinner on Saturday. The food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful!. It was a pleasure having you in our home. I will tell all of our friends and family about your services and if you should need a recommendation, feel free to have anyone contact me, I would be happy to do it.

Most sincerely,

Blair Griesmeyer
July 2013


Tina Ferriola

"I highly recommend Chef Bart and his amazing staff for any type of dinner party, catering, and personal home chef. He creates a wonderful meal with the freshest ingredients. His staff is friendly and handles all the necessary arrangements throughout the meal with ease and organization."

Have a great summer!

Tina Ferriola
NYC Elite


Bill and Mollie

Chef Bart made our engagement night one that we will never forget. He put care and detail into all of our menu choices and the food was cooked to perfection. Chef Bart was great to work with throughout the entire planning process. He was collaborative, creative, and helped create a personalized menu that was exactly what I had envisioned. He prepared a four-course meal with great variety and presentation.

My fiance and I highly recommend Chef Bart. He makes an extra effort to ensure that the logistics are seamless, the food is perfect, and the occasion is special. We definitely hope to enjoy Chef Bart's creations again in the near future!



I don't know how many of you have come to Bart's website via searching the Internet. I have to say that this time I was very lucky when it came to my search looking for a Professional Chef. I sent Bart an email and he replied to me in a timely fashion. I took two days to think about what I was doing and who I was going to be hiring. Bart came in and right from the start he was Professional and had a Personality which made me more comfortable. I was looking for some one to cook my Passover Dinner and found out that he was the right one, not only was he a nice person but he had his Mothers secret recipe for Potato Latke's (They were out of this world the Best I have ever had). Bart was kind enough to share the recipe with me...I cannot say enough about him and his qualifications other then I am going to be using him from now on. Brian and Bruce..




Leonard & Jeannie Korman

This letter should serve as a letter of recommendation for Chef Bart as a personal/private chef. Chef Bart worked as our personal chef for approximately six (6) years from October 2001 through December 2007. My wife and I found that we never seemed to have the time we needed to cook healthy meals for ourselves. As a result, we were constantly picking up fast food or other less healthy options for our meals and we suffered the consequences.

So, we had Chef Bart prepare meals according to certain dietary restrictions and he exceeded our expectations. I cannot tell you how pleasant it was to come home each and every night and have a tasteful, healthy, well prepared meal waiting for us. Working with Chef Bart was easy and enjoyable. Each week he prepared a lunch and dinner meal plan. We would review it and make changes as needed. He would then purchase the food items he needed for the week, while taking into consideration any items that remained in the pantry or carried over from the previous week. Then on the following day he would bring the grocery items and anything else he needed to prepare the meals to our house and bring it all together sometimes leaving us with fully cooked meals, side dishes, salads, and even some deserts if they were in the plan. Items were left and covered in appropriate containers that could be used for storage or re¬heating as appropriate.

The food was delicious and he always cleaned up completely. The only way you could tell that he had been in the house that day was by the lovely smell of home cooked food and the fully stocked refrigerator / freezer. My wife and I would highly recommend Chef Bart as a personal chef. Not only were his services easy to fit into our life style, but we found that our lives became less stress full and more healthy.


Leonard & Jeannie Korman


Elaine Silverstone

I am writing in support of Chef Bart Dorfman, who worked for inc as private chef for 24 months. Bart is a very personable and responsible person as well a wonderful and creative cook. Bart is an outstanding chef who prepared many meals each week. He prepared soups, salads, main dishes, and wonderful desserts. My wish was to have healthy and flavorful meals prepared only with fresh ingredients. Bart was masterful at using various cooking techniques to create savory, rich tasting dishes. His menus were varied, interesting and not repetitive unless I specifically asked for something that I had previously enjoyed. Bart also catered many dinner parties for me, ranging from authentic Italian, Asian and Spanish cuisines to a great American barbecue for over 50 people. He is very level-headed and extremely well organized. I was impressed at how capable he was irrespective of the venue.

I highly recommend Bart as a chef. His versatility is a marvelous asset.

October 27th, 2000

Elaine Silverstone


Stacy & John Arlia

Chef Bart,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support. To show my gratification for the many years of great meals that you have provide my friends, and myself. The variety of outstanding meals that I have had the pleasure of enjoying is beyond anything that I have experienced.

Along with the great variety, the meals have a unique blend of great quality, taste texture, and satisfaction. Within your broad range of culinary skills and expertise of the culinary arts I am willing to try new and exciting meals, since everything that I have tried has been incredibly great. You have provided my guests, family and friends with a service that cannot be topper in the New York area, and I am very honored to be a part of your customer base.

Keep up the great work. And look forward to trying more of you excellent meals.


Stacy & John Arlia

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Leonard & Jeannie Korman

This letter should serve as a letter of recommendation for Chef Bart as a personal/private chef in Hamptons. Chef Bart worked as our personal chef for approximately six (6) years from October 2001 through December 2007.

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