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Special Events

Dinner Parties

A Culinary Mind Personal Chef Services can cater dinner parties of all kinds for all occasions to suit your needs. If you want your next dinner party to be truly spectacular, let Chef Bart Dorfman work with you to create an unforgettable dining experience.

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With A Culinary Mind, you can get all the personal chef services that you require at affordable prices. These services can help to make your dinner parties a success, your nightly dinners a breeze, and your gift giving some of the most thoughtful that your loved ones have ever seen.

As your personal chef, I can perform a variety of tasks that will culminate in healthy delicious meals. Depending on your needs, I can go so far as to handle the meal planning, shopping, pantry stocking, and, of course, the food preparation. This can be done for individual meals for special occasions or holidays or for regular meals whenever you would like to enjoy some good food without having to do the work to make it or leave your home.

With A Culinary Mind, you can get all of this with meal selections tailored to your individual tastes and prepared within whatever dietary restrictions you might desire or require.

You can order food for other types of events, too. If you have a cocktail party, a business function, or any other type of intimate event that requires some excellent food, then A Culinary Mind is exactly what you need. With these services, you know that the food will be a big hit, and you will be free to focus on enjoying yourself.

All kinds of people love the services of a personal chef, so come to A Culinary Mind for yourself and others. Anyone who is too busy to cook, unable to cook, or who could use a break from cooking will love having all the pleasure of professionally made meals without any of the hassle. Whether having someone else prepare meals for you is a necessity or a luxury, I make sure that every meal is a culinary delight that leaves you smiling and satisfied.

Gift Certificates

What better way to celebrate someone than with a personalized meal service? Gift certificates are available for:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Anniversary‚Äôs
  • Thank You
  • Special Event

Or any reason at all! Recipients can choose from menus designed for their favorite cuisine. Please contact Chef Bart for more details!


Happy Clients

Leonard & Jeannie Korman

This letter should serve as a letter of recommendation for Chef Bart as a personal/private chef. Chef Bart worked as our personal chef for approximately six (6) years from October 2001 through December 2007.

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Please contact Chef Bart for pricing on all services.